Monday, 5 November 2012

You had me at Sushi

Those who know me are well aware about my love affair with sushi. In my head, I believe that I could actually eat sushi every day and not tire of it. Although, I have to admit that I haven’t really tested this theory out yet.

So when you are out and about on a Saturday afternoon and the “what shall we have for dinner tonight” thought come on, sushi is usually a top contender. A few Foursquare recommendations and MapQuest queries on the iPhone narrows down our search to Gonoe Sushi on 1310 Don Mills Road in North York.

Noticing another sushi restaurant just beside it upon arrival, we had to do a coin flip. The winner – Gonoe Sushi – didn’t disappoint. 

Although the lighting in the booth was a bit unfriendly, our eyes lit up when the beautiful boat arrived with a fabulous array of delights. We soon discovered that it wasn’t just a feast for the eyes. The Butterfish tasted like butter – one of the best I’ve had in Toronto.  The Blue Fin Tuna was not cut as well but the taste was equally as delicious.

We asked for recommendations. And since we hinted that we liked spicy flavours, our waitress suggested the Diablo Roll. Don’t take the word “spicy” for its literal meaning. It’s nothing like the spice you’ve had in Indian food, although if you are averse to spicy, I’d suggest you try something else from their menu. This roll is laden with avocado, tempura bit, pickled pepper ring, jalapenos covered with spicy salmon, and to top it off, green chilies. Absolutely divine. 

Although the name sounds a bit pretentious, the Legend Dragon Roll with deep fried soft shell crab, crab meat, avocado, tobiko and spicy sauce wrapped in salmon and unagi, was equally as outstanding. 

No sushi tasting is complete without Tobiko and Ikura. The shashimi here was tasty and fresh. Very few restaurants can serve this perfectly. Another offering the restaurant has is a sushi-wine pairing. We didn’t get a chance to try it, but if you opt for this, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments or on twitter @sukasatoronto 

Cheers to more Sushi Surprises!

SukasaStyle gives Gonoe Sushi 8 Sukasa Stars

Friday, 2 November 2012

Love at First Bite

Impeccable attention to detail. Friendly staff. Food that melts in your mouth. These are things that you expect in high-end dining. But seriously, how many restaurants have you been to that really get this right on all touch points.

So Centro, you had me at the bread. Actually, you had me years ago when I first had a taste of your brand while contracted to write for your website redesign. But, as far as re-acquaintances to the palette go, butter on bread comes pretty close to you swooning me off my feet again.

The evening first official tasting was a delicious spread of Classic Rillette – a first for me, but highly recommended by my lovely new foodie friends @theculturepearl and @EliseDertinger. It did not disappoint. My fave was the mustard spread - recipe anyone?  The lovely folks @CentroTO threw in some extra samples of their House-made Charcuterie Board (more mustard, so yum), and Crispy Tiger Shrimp with sun-dried tomato aioli.
Despite splurging on a feast of appetizers, we were still scrumptiously awaiting a taste of our main. Opting for the Lobster Risotto – the portion quite manageable in size – was a good choice. Well, despite needing a little bit of salt.
Hazelnut Napoleon was the crème de la crème of the night. A lovely layered dessert of pastry, hazelnuts, topped off with a pear gelee. Although my pastry was a bit harder to cut into elegantly, @EliseDertinger had no problem at all. But my small misfortune didn’t stop me into gobbling up – oh, I don’t think that’s a foodie term – the taste of heaven.
All in all, it was love at first sight and bite at Centro Restaurant, 2472 Yonge Street, Toronto. #SukasaStyle gives it 8.5 Sukasa Stars.