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Good, Better, Best Wines by Carolyn Evans Hammond

Carolyn Evans Hammond throws down the gauntlet in the introduction of Good, Better, Best Wines
If anyone can wobble into verbose, irrelevant, wayward, noun-strewn-as-adjective criticism, it's a wine writer. I know. It's my profession.Hammond continues...
 With this book and the style of wines reviewed in its pages, I'm putting my foot down. Slamming my fist on the table and giving you the stuff that matters. The dirt. The goods. The short, sweet, critical information on what the wine tastes like so you can get on with drinking. I sample, you sip. Deal?You get the sense that this guide won't be an homage to Decanter, Wine Spectator, or Wine Advocate. And it isn't. Oenophiles, and the gate keepers of the wine industry go to lengths in making wine as inaccessible as possible to the general public, weaving complex, arcane language that is at best confusing, and at worst downright opaque. The aforementioned aren't the author's target market. The book is for the …

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