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Go where the seas are blue, and first impressions last forever

When it comes to authentic and unique food from around the world, let's just face it, you really aren't going to get it from the Michelin Star restaurants. A memory, that vividly comes to me, was when we travelled to Greece for our honeymoon, and were in Paros, at this delightful small family restaurant overlooking the sea. The blue walls, reminiscent of the Mediterranean, had a homely feel, the sounds of couples and families casually popping in for a quick meal, women dressed in white linen dresses and flats, without the opulence of pomp and ostentatiousness you'd expect in big cities. It's probably why we all love to travel off the beaten path and find unique experiences which will forever be etched into out psyche.
So back to that restaurant in Paros. Just thinking about the day, I can almost taste the grilled freshness in my mouth, a flavour that is surprisingly not overpowering, but earthy and delicious; just the kind of home comfort you're accustomed to when en…

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