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The Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2009 Scotch and the Botanist Islay Gin

Our good friend Sean Siddik hosted us for a wonderful night of drinks and foodie delights this year. Sean is one of those guys who has an incredible knowledge and understanding Single Malts and Whiskeys, and can talk about them on a molecular level. We always admire his passion and knowledge, and are constantly nudging him to follow his calling as a brand ambassador for an established distillery. 

He graciously gave us a review of these two spectacular tastings we enjoyed to our hearts delight at his abode. 

Distillery Siblings:

Unlike its peaty Islay brethren, The Bruichladdich IslayBarley 2009, is unpeated and smooth in comparison, yet rich and bold in its structure with a slight oak finish.Its hue is bright and golden versus its darker amber Islay cousins.It stands out as unique and original, as a single grain whiskey born in the land of peat and malt. A delightful experience for the senses. 

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