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Some stories need no words

   If you haven't yet heard all the buzz about Mark Huebner's wordless novel, Let Go, blame it on Omnicron. Part graphic novel, part lithography, and complete entertainment material.  Mark was gracious enough to share not just some of his thoughts about writing the book, but also a few of the linos that he worked through during the journey.    While Let Go is entirely wordless, we're glad Mark was able to share his journey in "writing" the book, in words.  Advertising professionals will relate to this story  A story about the universal feeling of being Let Go. The heartbreak. the  Q: What do you want readers to take away from your book? A: From the outset, I wanted the reader to feel happy and reassured after finishing  Let Go . Now, to reach the end of any book, the reader must be entertained, engaged, and cheering for the main characters. As the narrative for  Let Go  took shape, I looked forward to the book immersing readers in a life that spans significant soc

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