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This Father's Day, get Dad whiskey and chocolates

Whiskey and dads, go together like honey and bees. A bottle of whiskey has always been the classic Father's Day gift, but this year spice it up a bit. Did you know that whiskey and chocolates can be paired together? Just like wine, though there's an art to the whiskey pairings. So depending on what type of whiskey dad loves, you'll have to figure out just what type of chocolate you are going to get him.  This year, impress Dad with an experience he's never had before: A whiskey tasting course paired with fine chocolates. It's also ideal for social distancing, because you can always drop it off for dad on the porch, and Facetime him later to do a tasting together.  Since this is Father's Day in the year of lockdown, chances are you may not have spent too much time with Dad in the past few months. So, doing an unforgettable tasting with your old man, virtually or in person, will give you the chance to put your feet up and perhaps have a little chuckle,

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