Making a list and checking it twice

Stumped for ideas for the holidays? Here’s a few SukasaStyle ideas to inspire your shopping.

For the Wine lover
Corkcicle – Chills your wine from the inside out. A beautiful idea that is thrilling wine lovers, one perfectly chilled person at a time.

Handmade wine bags – You’ve meticulously picked out a bottle of wine. Now what? Picking up a generic wine bag in the store is so blasé. We’re biased towards Sukasa wine bags, but pick up anything that speaks unique. (We’re sold out of Sukasa bags anyway, but you can put an order in for the rest of the year.)

For the Jewellery lover
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and where better to go for the BFF than a place like Kumar Diamonds who will create a beautiful bespoke piece. Or if you are running out of time to shop, there’s a great collection to choose from.

                        For the Tech lover

                        Give an App - If you find an app in
® iTunes that you know someone
                        would absolutely love, then 

                        what better a gift to give. 

For the Book lover

A Kobo Mini – Although we at Sukasa haven’t tested this out, it seems that Kobo e-reader is the rave around town. And at a special discounted price @chaptersindigo you can keep it as a go to item.

For the Home and Décor Lover
Ex 5-Piece Knife Set with Unique Red Holder Designed By Raffaele Iannello, makes a cool statement.


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