T’was the night before #HollyGolightly and a select set of foodie bloggers in Toronto were going through their closets contemplating what to wear for the big event. With butterflies in their stomach, and anticipation in their hearts, nothing seemed quite as fitting to grace this exclusive event held by Encore Food with Elegance featuring gourmet products from Sable and Rosenfeld.

Bottega Champagne -
4.5 Sukasa Stars
As we arrived at the previously disclosed location, and huddled into the limo that would take us to the Encore Food with Elegance headquarters, it was hard not to feel a little warm and fuzzy. Whether it was just being around other foodie inspired bloggers (some with their high tech photo lenses), or toasting champagne, giggling, live tweeting, and munching on hors d’oeuvres…all at the same time, we knew this was an evening we would all not soon forget.
When we arrived at the Encore Food with Elegance grounds, it was clear that Chef Roshan Wanasingha had a lot more epicurean delights in store for us. The Prosciutto wrapped shrimp and Brie and Wild Mushroom we’d enjoyed in the limo, seemed to be just a tease.

Shaken or stirred, Ryan Silber poured us delicious cocktails topped off with a choice of Sable and Rosenfeld olives. The choices were delightfully creative: Vermouth or Vodka Tipsy Olives, Sweet & Spicy Tipsy Cocktail Stirrers, Sake Spicy Tipsy Olives, Vodka Garlic Tipsy Olives, Whiskey Tipsy Cherries. Just thinking about all these options is enough to make you tipsy, and the list is not even exhaustive yet.

But just sitting back and enjoying a martini was not on the HollyGolightly agenda. There were more epicurean experiences to explore, including a one-on-one instruction on the art of making a great hand roll. Did you know that using a wooden surface for your preparation makes it easier to work with the paper-thin rolls?

Watch Myra Sable talk about S&R
 Enjoy this video of Myra Sable speaking about how Sable and Rosenfeld gourmet line of products came to be a household favourite.


Poultry Three Ways
Sable and Rosenfeld Jerk Chicken on Homemade Corn Bread Muffin with Mango Salsa

Open Faced Turkey Burger on Brioche Bun with Sable and Rosenfeld Cranberry Sauce
Sable and Rosenfeld Teriyaki Chicken Taco placed on a Zucchini Ring with Red Daikon and Cilantro Sprout

Duo Fish
Sable and Rosenfeld Lemon Olive Tapenade Crusted Halibut and Shrimp Crusted Salmon on a Jasmine Rice Pilaf with Baby Yellow Zucchini sautéed Snow Pea Leaves and Three Pepper Coulis

Chi Spiced Honey Cake Poached Pear with Raspberry Sorbet
Layers of Oatmeal Dacquoise Blackberry Ice Cooler
Bittersweet Marjolaine with Hazelnut Parfait

Another video from HollyGolightly of Chef Roshan Wanasingha talking about his creations. 

Plus more pictures from the photographer bloggers at the event at Encore Food with Elegance Facebook Page and on Pinterest.

Homemade Chips 
SukasaStyle Faves:
Prosciutto wrapped shrimp
Homemade Corn Bread Muffin with Mango Salsa
Homemade Chips Variety (pic)
Cold Rolls (pic)
Trio Dessert
& Martini with Vodka Tipsy Olives


  1. The Botega Vino dei Poeti Prosecco, which you rated favourably, is a viable alternative to the much more expensive Champagne. I am sure the LCBO will bring it back given that these days belt tightening is the norm for the masses yet people still wish to celebrate a good libation in the company of friends. I would argue in favour of a good Prosecco or Cava as opposed to more expensive fare which is arguably a more acquired taste that many may not appreciate.


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