Cardhu 12 year #ScotchSunday Review

SukasaStyle returns with its first #ScotchSunday entry of 2014 with a review of Cardhu 12 year single malt.

As one bottle empties another opens:

As we have stressed before, the wonderful world of single malt opens up a smorgasbord of flavours, but what is "better" or "worse" is a question of one's palette.
We are unapologetic fans of Dalwhinnie's 15 year expression and decided to replace it in our ready to drink whisky portfolio with Cardhu's 12 year old entry. We know that the late Michael Jackson wasn't a fan of either, giving Dalwhinnie a 76, and Cardhu a 72 on his 100 point scale. But to our palette, there is joy to be found in all flavour profiles, be they smoky peat monsters from Islay or delicate, light expressions from Speyside.

Cardhu on the flavour map:

We suggest a quick look at this 3 min 42 sec video featuring Andy Cant, senior site manager at Cardhu, giving a primer on tasting Cardhu in its preferred balloon glass.

SukasaStyle Tasting Notes and Suggestions:

Our first recommendation is take your time; this isn't a dram to shoot down. If you don't let Cardhu open up for at least 15-20 minutes after pouring then you will be disappointed and it will taste like a blended scotch -- which is perfectly fine but probably not your intention -- and your impression will suffer as a result.

Our second recommendation is try it with and without a splash of cold water, preferably filtered with the chlorine taken out, and assess what you prefer.

The nose is not strong -- more a hint of honey than a full throttle extraction.
If you are in a rush to taste then you will get a bit of heat and a lot of malt cereal.

If you let it open up then you will be rewarded with a rich palate that includes spice, wood, honey, a hint of nutmeg in addition to the malted cereal. It ends up being a memorable dram rather than a shot of blended whiskey that is waiting for a mix.

CARDHU SINGLE MALT SCOTCH |  LCBO 289496 | 750 mL bottle | Price $ 74.95
Made in: Speyside, Scotland By: Diageo Canada Inc 40.0% Alcohol/Vol.

Sukasa Stars: 4.5 / 5 (as recommended after opening up)
Quality Price Ratio: Excellent
Drink: Neat or with a splash of cold filtered water
Pair: with Jamón ibérico as part of a charcuterie plate.

Arijit Banik for Sukasa Style


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