No artist can put a smile on your face more quickly than Alexander Calder. A sense of playfulness animates all of his work – from his signature hanging mobiles to his endlessly creative toys, drawings and jewelry.

The Meet the Artist series are a selection of books that offer young readers exciting hands-on introduction to beloved artists. In the previous post, we covered Pablo Picasso. Now we introduce Alexander Calder who became famous thanks to his invention of mobiles: sculptures in motion. 

Calder liked the circus so much that he created Calder Circus, a complex body of performance art that consisted of a circus ring with different figures representing various characters of a whole circus company.

Born into a family of artists in Philadelphia in 1898, it seemed inevitable that that he’d find his passion in the creative arts. His father and his grandfather were sculptors and his mother was a portrait painter.

A few facts about Alexander Calder:

Red was Calder’s favourite colour.

His friends and his relatives called him Sandy.

Children of all ages will have a blast learning about art and artists from the Meet The Artist series of books, published by Princeton Architectural Press. From Alexander Calder’s book, kids will learn about this beloved American sculptor, as his whimsical world comes to life via imaginative pop-ups, pull tabs, flaps and cutouts.

Teaching young kids about history of artists can be hard. But, the Meet The Artist makes things a bit fun. Young minds will light up with imagination and creativity as a universe of artistic possibilities opens up for them to explore.

Meet the Artist by Patricia Geis, is published by Princeton Architectural Press and distributed in Canada by Raincoast Books.

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