Cloudy with a chance of fruity grapes

Pairings for a rainy day

We've had a wonderful wallop of rain this summer and this week isn't shaping up to be any different. So, consider indulging in a delightful pairing of wine with a great book. 

You could go for either a white or a red, but if you're in the mood for red then may we suggest Montgras Reserva Carmenere paired with a novel about the rich history of the wine-making process.  

Montgras Reserva Carmenere is a delicious Chilean wine made with select handpicked grapes from the prestigious Colchagua Valley. The result is a well-rounded wine with a great personality.

Pair the Montgras Reserva Carmenere with a book about wine.

The Vintner’s Daughter by Kristen Harnisch is a captivating historical fiction debut about a seventeen-year-old spirited heroine from Vouvray, France, who is becoming more acquainted with the family vineyard business. But the year is 1895, and Sara’s mother doesn’t think it is proper for a seventeen-year-old girl to be working the land like a common day labourer. Sara’s mother comments on her hands looking shameful, and she also hates the muddied clogs that Sara wears, saying it makes her look like a peasant.

But Sara has a saviour, her Papa, who allows her to help out in the vineyard. She dreams that one day she will run the vineyard and be the vigneron of Saint Martin. She marvels at the idea that she will grow the grapes and make the wine and ship it in shiny corked bottles to America. This is Sara’s dream. Then a tragedy strikes. To learn more if this spirited heroine’s fight will determine her destiny, you’ll have to give reward yourself with an evening of me-time. Grab that glass of Montgras and say good-bye to the rainy blues.

Published by Harper Collins, The Vintner’s Daughter is a riveting, romantic tale of betrayal, retribution, love and redemption. For wine lovers, it immerses readers in the rich vineyard culture of both the Old and New Worlds, taking us on a a journey from the Loire Valley to the turn-of-the-century Manhattan to California’s wine country.


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