Sweet thoughts for Fall

Hiding under a blanket or boycotting boots, will not alter the face of destiny. To quote a line from HBO's Game Of Thrones, "Winter is coming!"...so why not warm up to it with sweeter thoughts. After all, we still have a few months left to prepare. May we suggest PB& J Chocolate Bars or Cinnamon Raisin-Nut Toffee

These are just one of the delicious recipes in The Food Network's amazing new book:
SWEET - Our best cupcakes, cookies, candies and more. The editors have taken all the guesswork out of dessert, picking their all-time favourite treats and putting them into one amazing book. 

Sure the title of the book is simplistic, but since it is The Food Network we're going to let this pass and decide not to judge the book by its cover. SWEET contains tons of recipes to satisfy even the most inexperienced baker -- I wonder if perhaps "simple" was what The Food Network was going for when they came up with the title. (hmmm, food for thought!)

Step-by-step instructions and full-page colour photographs take you along this sweet blissful journey of creating mouth-watering treats to delight any foodie. And for all you self-professed sweet tooths, there are even a few fun surprises along the way that will remind you of being a kid again (hint: chocolate-dipped gummy worms and fruit leather roll-ups). 

SWEET is by the editors of The Food Network, so every recipe had been triple-tested. This means that chances are, every baking attempt will turn out just right. As for our SukasaStyle fans, may we suggest
Boozy Cherry Chocolate Pie

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