Around The World In 92 Minutes with Chris Hadfield

Commander Chris Hadfield needs no introduction. His name is synonymous with inspiration and creativity. A pioneer in bringing Space right into our homes, Chris Hadfield made social media cool and no doubt in the process was instrumental in converting more than a handful of skeptics to Twitter. Twitter shareholders are forever indebted to him.

While millions followed Chris Hadfield's space travel photo tweets on earth, perhaps the meaning behind those breathtaking imagery was diluted. His new book, Around The World In 92 Minutes is not only a collection of some of his favourite photo tweets, but a synopsis of the meaning behind them. Putting them in context, we are not only in awe of the beauty of these breathtaking space photographs, but we can really appreciate the complexity and diversity of the planet. 

A big gush of orange or pink in the ocean is almost always a sign that something has changed dramatically upstream. In Madagascar, it's evidence of extensive deforestation, large swaths have been cut through the rain forests and coastal mangroves. 

Interconnected rivers writhe through the Khulna district of Bangladesh like so many strands of Medusa's hair. 

Crop circles, coaxed out of the dryness of eastern Libya with venter-pivot irrigation; a long elevated sprinkler arm rotates around a pivot, spraying a circle of well water on crops below - you can see exactly where the water stops and plants refuse to grow. 

The dry hills and deeply cut ravines just east of Linxia, in China's Gansu Province, look like a colossal elephant's hide, with human settlements tucked away in its folds. 


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