Looking forward to 2016

My Checklist

It's resolution time and every year people make way too many that they lose track of their goals. 

Making resolutions is easy; keeping them is another beast altogether. How do you do it? The obvious is write them down, and commit to them on your timetable. 

Here's my checklist 

More Brain. Less Pain.

Increasing smarts is something I constantly strive for, but in 2016 I've committed to the goal, by investing in DK's Boost Your Brain. It promises to help me switch on my brain with more than 300 puzzles, tips, and teasers. That should get me through the year. 

I also am curious about Chris Bailey's The Productivity Project. Published by Random House Canada this book, promises to help you set your life on fire. (Yup, that's my goal is for 2016!) Here's some tips that are hightlighted on the back cover of the book:
1. Consume caffeine strategically, not habitually. 
2. Work on your hardest, highest-return tasks at your peak energy of the day.
3. Focus on one task at a time. Multi-tasking is simply less productive. 
4. Compartmentalize email and social media to specific times during the day. 

Broadened Reading Horizons
One of my bookish pals on Twitter (@Booktrovert) triggered a reminder. Although generally I do pride myself on my eclectic taste in books, this year I will make a conscious effort to check off all the tiles on this handy Bingo Challenge by @LiteraryHorder. If you are interested, you can also join the @cbcbooks challenge on @goodreads. http://ow.ly/Ws7E3 

Indulge In Some Winter Activities
Bracing windshields of minus forty isn't my thing, but taking an intimate stroll through italic ice wine villages in Niagara is an intriguing prospect. Especially given the El Nino effect forecast for this winter, pour me some ice wine and I'm a happy camper. January is the ideal time to sip and savour these delights at various Icewine festivals. Check out the Icewine Festival Guide at Visit Niagara's site to plan your sweet adventure. 

Practice Culinary Skills 
Eliminate routine, and spice up things in the kitchen. Last year I received several delightful cookbooks. Now, it's time to put my culinary adventures to the test. 

Increase Financial Literacy
Index funds, bonds, stocks, GICS....I do have a working understanding of these, but it's time to up my game and take control of my financial future. Check back here for some financial literacy content throughout 2016. 


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