Pitars Naos | Rosso I.G.T. Venezia Giulia

We may have been quiet but we have not relinquished our love for a refined lifestyle, quality food, great company, thirsty libations, and of course that includes a memorable bottle of wine. Consider something for this Wine Wednesday that you cannot get from the LCBO but can from an importer -- in this case VDF Wines

It is the Pitars Naos (Rosso  I.G.T. Venezia Giulia). Its product sheet (which can be downloaded here) describes its characteristics as:

Ruby red wine of beautiful intensity, mighty and charming to the nose, with hints of black pepper, tobacco, leather, bilberry, coffee and bitter chocolate.

The sip is firm, soft, fat, with great gustative impact on dry registers with soft tannins and a very long balsamic ending.

The recommendation is to pair with "traditional dishes of the Friulan kitchen based on game, red meat and tasty cheeses."

Below are pictures of what we paired with this serious yet not austere expression of the alluvial terroir from Friuli Venezia Guila situated between the Adriatic Sea and Alps. The extraordinary rustic Italian fare came from the kitchen of Buca on King (Twitter: @bucatoronto. Buca's Wine Director / Master Sommelier, Giuseppe Marchesini was helpful and knowledgeable in navigating the wine list for the appropriate pairing for our evening.)

The 2010 Pitars Naos vintage clocks in at $35.95/bottle or $215.70/case of six. Naturally, there was a notable markup at the restaurant but it was worthwhile for the special occasion.

Definitely have the bottle decanted to allow it to show its quality and if it is served at a little cooler than average room temperature (18 °C; 62 °F) then you won't be disappointed.

Rating: ★★★★☆  (4.5/5) SukasaStars
Quality Price Ratio: Very Good


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