Cocktails proves that classic drinks are rad

Sure, this is alcohol. But it's alcohol with attitude.

From the mixology maestro Klaus St. Rainer, of the world-renowned Goldene Bar in Munich, comes a book that perfects the art of mixing drinks. Cocktails proves that classic drinks can be fun.
Klaus St. Rainer believes that a drink is the sum of its ingredients, and adheres to the philosophy that you should never accept anything but the best: 
"it is far better to indulge a bit less, but of the highest quality, and savour with true passion."  

Klaus St. Rainer has been a professional mixologist for a quarter century but it has been for the last 20 years that he has witnessed a return to a 'Golden Age' in cocktails. A key to understand about this superb DK hardcover is that it is from the perspective of a purist. On the one hand, St. Rainer is an idealist. He extols the virtues of cocktails being done the right way, with premium ingredients and simple techniques, all while using traditional equipment. On the other hand, he is a realist who understands that technical innovation such as sous vide equipment, dehydrators, and kitchen techniques in the "cuisine" style approach provide an opportunity to take mixology to the next level.

This isn't necessarily a book for those cutting their teeth for the first time on cocktails, but it is a necessary addition for those who care about mixology and want their cocktails to taste spectacular, all thanks to an award-winning bartender/mixologist. Besides, the handsome golden bound hardcover will look great on your bar shelf or bookshelf, and as the pages show, there are some brilliant pictures to encourage the reader.  

Cocktails is published by DK Books


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