Glenfiddich 12-year #ScotchSunday Review

Snobbery is not the exclusive purview of wine lovers, scotch lovers exhibit it in spades.

This Scotch Sunday, SukasaStyle takes a look at Glenfiddich 12 Year Old, a good dram that deserves more respect than it receives in the blogosphere and comments amongst scotch lovers. What is it about Glenfiddich that elicits ambivalence amongst whiskey lovers? Is it success?

Our position is clear: success should not be frowned upon. When William Grant started Glenfiddich in 1886, borrowing used stills from Cardhu, little did he know that his company would be the champion of a fledgling market for single malts.  Glenfiddich isn't Yellow Tail. It produces a good product: we love the 18 Year Old expression and think highly of the 15 Year Old yet think that the 12 Year Old is underrated.

What does Glenfiddich do well? Consistent brand representation:
Core Collection: 12 - 15 - 18 - 21 Year Old Malts
Consistent marketing of its tagline "The World's Most Awarded Single Malt"

Accessible and understandable Social Media presence: below are Brian Kinsman's tasting notes for Glenfiddich 12 Year Old:

Sticking to the KISS principle: Glenfiddich's Tasting Notes for the 12-Year Old:

Glenfiddich's Tasting Notes

SukasaStyle's Tasting Notes
Here is what the nose reminded us of:
Being in the produce section of a grocery store
There was a hint of pear but only after the initial sense of being in the produce aisle died down. The taste one can be overwhelmed by the heat masking the fruit -- this would be our main criticism -- but there is butter and cream prior to the lengthy finish.

We have made the argument that tasting is a question of one's palate and environmental circumstances. It isn't an objective science but notwithstanding the differences of opinion that we have compared to others, all opinions are valid. If is important to recognize that a Speyside malt need not taste like an Islay malt: the wonder of single malts is that each distillery produces its own characteristic dram but each malt master can create variations.

Furthermore, the 12 Year Old Glenfiddich we drink today isn't that of our father or grandfather. It changes over time. Give the Glenfiddich 12 Year Old consideration for your whiskey portfolio and as an aperitif. It is value priced and suitable for every day drinking.

Price: $52.95 for a 750ml bottle at the LCBO ($37 for 1L bottle at Peace Bridge Duty Free)

SukasaStyle Rating: 4.3 / 5
Quality Price Ratio: Excellent

(Reviewed by Arijit Banik for Sukasa Style)


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