Are Your Health Resolutions In Check?

2015 came in like a lamb and suddenly I am aware of how quickly January seems to be slipping through my fingers, like sand. If only, I could invent something that would hold on to time (well the good moments anyway). 

Along with an endless list of things I wanted to get into the rhythm of this year, including writing every day, drawing, being in the moment, etc., one of the most important resolutions to achieve was to be healthy. Yeah, we all say that. And, every year, hundreds of thousands of the same resolutions are tossed into the gutter around this time of the year. But, that doesn't make me feel any better nor give me a sense of belonging. Instead, the guilt still rides deep within my veins. 

To add to that guilt, just yesterday I lapsed and found myself at a fast food joint, one that will not be named here, for various embarrassing reasons. But, I am stubborn and am determined not to give up that easily. Those habits stop now! 

The key is to find your strengths. My strength is writing down stuff and referring to it on an occasional basis. Ever since I was a child, I wrote down things. Lists, to-dos...yes, I feel quite empowered when I have a planner handy. Every year, I painstakingly take time to find that perfect planner. Very rarely do I get the same planner every year. I find I just need a bit of a change and a fresh outlook every year. This year, I ordered a wonderful Peanuts Edition Moleskine planner from Amazon to keep track of my daily to-dos. But, what of those (ahem) unhealthy habits? How can I keep track of my health, fitness, doctors' appointments, medical tests...sheesh, the mere thought of it is adding more stress to my life. 

As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a gem at an ECW Press' Anniversary party late last year. That's where I ran into the charming Mary Anne Alton, one of the authors of My Handy Little Health Journal, a little book published by ECW Press, that unbeknownst to me at the time was going to change my life. 

My Handy Little Health Journal really is a tool designed to help me keep track of all my health-related activities. I can record all my medical information (including doctor’s appointments, diagnostic tests, mammograms, etc), keep track of my exercise habits, and read up on some helpful tips regarding healthier food choices. I can make my own lip-smacking natural balm, not to mention oodles of recipes that are at my disposal to try out…the Cold-Busting Chicken Soup may just be my warm comfort during this dreary winter season. (yeah, if you know me personally, you'll know that I am not a big fan of the cold…I tend to hibernate indoors most of the winter).

The book, true to its title is wonderfully compact. The last thing anyone needs is a weighty book that's cumbersome to carry around in your purse. Whether it's to the doctor's office, or dental appointments, My Handy Little Health Journal is the perfect companion that is mobile, in a paper format. Mary Anne Alton and Tania Craan have co-written this brilliant companion journal, that somehow I'm certain I'll be holding on to well into my old age. 

You can buy My Handy Little Health Journal: Includes tips on fitness, healthy eating, meditation, and worry-free travel at Amazon.

Published by ECW Press.

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