Sunday, 20 March 2016

CBC Books ‪#‎CanadaReads‬ Debates starts today.

CBC Books ‪#‎CanadaReads‬ Debates starts today. 

Watch them live at (March 21-24th). 
Here are other ways to tune in on Radio or TV. 

These are the 5 finalists:

1. Bone & Bread by @pinkmeringue | Defended by @FarahMohamed007 | 
2. The Hero's Walk by @anita_badami | Defended by @Vinayvirmani24 | 
3. The Illegal by Lawrence Hill | Defended by @ClaraHughes_ | 
4.Minister Without Portfolio by @MichaelWinter34 | Defended by @EdgeRatedR |

5. Birdie by @TraceyLindberg | Defended by @brucepoontip |

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