Aburi Kaiseki ( 懐石あぶり ) at Miku Toronto

Aburi Sushi was inspired by the innovative idea of flame-searing sushi with signature sauces. In Japanese Aburi tradition, a light sear direct from the flame enhances the natural flavor of the fish. Seigo Nakamura, owner of the Tora Corporation in Japan, and the visionary behind Aburi Restaurants Canada, had introduced the Aburi style cuisine and the Ningenmi philosophy to the West Coast, under the banner of Miku Vancouver, Minami, and Gyoza Bar. The Miku Toronto location opened in 2015 at the north west corner of Queens Quay and Bay street, a stone's throw away from the Toronto's waterfront. (For more information on Aburi Restaurants, visit their website.)
Great Brands go that extra mile to add a personal touch.
Great job @MikuToronto. 

SukasaStyle has covered the Kaiseki concept in the past. As the Miku Toronto website states, Aburi Kaiseki is "a unique Kaiseki experience produced by our chefs, exploring fusion flavours and Aburi cuisine beyond Miku’s signature items." 
Finalization of an Aburi Kaiseki booking requires the filling in of the Aburi Kaiseki Form. For our group of 4, the following 6 course Kaiseki menu was served:

Item 1

Item 2

Item 3

Item 4 

Item 5 - Signature Aburi Sushi

Item 6 - Dessert

Price of 4 Aburi Kaiseki: $520 ($130/person)

We paired the courses with Taiheizan Kimoto Junmai sake ($80/bottle). A full-bodied, smooth, traditional sake that was rich, with a floral nose, creamy mid-palate, and clean finish that was appropriate for the varied courses on offer.

★★★★★ ( Sukasa Stars 5 stars out of 5 )
$$$$ (Price - Expensive)
QPR (Quality Price Ratio): Average - Good 
👍👍👍 (Service - Very Good)

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