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It's Father's Day this Sunday. Sure, cocktails are great, but nothing is as inclusive for all audiences as Mocktails. Think about it as the current heat wave engulfs us. Everyone loves something refreshing as we reach for something that will hydrate rather than dehydrate, this is where DK's book by Vikas Khanna comes in. Khanna takes the reader on a journey where 80 nonalcoholic drinks are introduced and elevated to a whole new level in Mocktails Punches & Shrubs. 

Imagine serving a Kumquat, Pineapple and Paprika drink, at your next party. Did you know that the tanginess of Kumquats are a wonderful inspiration to take your mocktail to a whole new level of cool? 

Scents bombard us at every level, and Vikas Khanna attempts to infuse these everyday flavours and experiences, into a glass. One sip will evoke memories that will be vividly remembered for a long time. 

"A plethora of tasting experiences provide me with insights on what is mixable, edible, and more importantly, what can stimulate and benefit us in a positive way."

A personal favourite remains the Elderflower, Mango and Ginger Drink. What the reader will note about the ingredients is the relative ease with which to concoct these creations. For example, this elderflower  mocktail on page 110 serves 6 and takes 15 minutes.

There are ten recipe categories ranging from Fruity flavours to Tradition with a twist. For the strict tea-totallers amongst us, why not give Time for tea category a try? You'll travel to the mediterranean with Lebanese Rose Tea, hop over to Western India with Gujarati Lemongrass Tea, and climb mountainous Bhutan with a Butter Tea with Fennel. 

Mocktails is published by DK Books and you can find it at better booksellers in time for Father's Day and as a keeper for your bookshelf or your bar.

If you're still in the mood for alcoholic classics done to perfection then check out our Cocktails review. Both Mocktails and Cocktails are also handy if you are throwing a Canada 150 party in a few weeks. 

Happy Entertaining! 


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