A Reasonable Riesling

The mid tier 2009 vintage entry from Jackson Triggs represents the good value in wine generally – not just wine from the Niagara region in particular.

At $18 (purchased directly from the winery in 2011) the Silver Series doesn't command the price tag or the snob appeal of something as difficult to pronounce as the Deidesheimer Hohenmorgen Riesling trocken GC. Silken, yet it has complexity and balance that makes it worthy as a complement to aged cheddar, salted chips or grilled calamari. Alternatively, it is an inviting sipping option and perfect as an ice breaker for a party or a substitute for those not inclined for the sweetness of ice wine after a meal.

Taking off the screw cap and serving it well chilled (suggest 5-8°C or 41-46°F) provides ample opportunity to test the nose: a few swirls in the glass evokes floral notes worthy of memorable perfume complemented by traces of lemon and a touch of nectarine. In fact, this would be an ideal candidate for a blind tasting for the fragrance diffuses immediately and enticingly.

This isn’t a bone dry entry: acidity, sweetness and alcohol are balanced so that initial hint of light fruit flavour dances with the chalk and stone mineral notes on the finish.

Was the nebulous terroir of the Four Mile Creek sub appellation showing through or the imagination of your SukasaStyle reviewers? It doesn’t matter. This was worth the price and shows that Canadian Riesling need not be about a saccharin aftertaste; it can be complex and satisfying without breaking your budget.

While the Rieslings of Mosel, Rheingau and Alsace are the rage amongst the oenophiles, may we suggest that this is worth a look and a sip.

4.2 Sukasa Stars 
High on Quality/Price Ratio 

Blog post by Arijit Banik for SukasaStyle


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