Oysters and wine, always divine

This past weekend saw the 25th anniversary of the Ontario Oyster Festival at Rodney’s Oyster House, Toronto’s institution for the consumption of bivalve mollusks. It was all for a good cause which brings us to this week’s wine Wednesday picks: matching oysters with wine, always divine, never tiring, and simply inspiring in the company of friends.

After you have purchased your delicacies, controlled your temperature and shucked safely with no injuries you will need the right pairing. Here are SukasaStyle’s suggestions based on first hand experience but remember to trust your own palate as what worked for us may not for you.

Kumamoto – the creamy texture and nutty aftertaste of the California/Washington Kumamoto paired well with BISOL CREDE BRUT PROSECCO DI VALDOBBIADENE SUPERIORE (VINTAGES 297242) at $14.95. The creamy style and crisp acidity makes this an easy choice. Alternatively for a splurge, Champagne or a higher end Cava never fails here.


Bisol Crede Brut

Beausoleil – the New Brunswick mollusk, low maintenance with little to no sand, a lot of meat and a refined flavour paired favourably with the mineral dryness of JAFFELIN BOURGOGNE ALIGOTE (LCBO 53868) costing $15.95.


Bourgogne Aligote

Malpeque – the soft briny meat from Prince Edward Island contrasts well with the tart-sweet fizz of MICHELE CHIARLO NIVOLE MOSCATO D'ASTI 2010 (VINTAGES 942888) clocking in at $16.95 a bottle. Other reviewers typically suggest either some type of sparkling wine or a sauvignon blanc but this pairing worked for us. The Moscato D’Asti also is a crowd pleaser and if the recommendation is not available try one from another estate to get your guests ready and in the mood for the oyster delights but if something dry is to your liking then give the Alvarinho Blend VARANDA DO CONDE ALVARINHO/TRAJADURA VINHO VERDE 2011 (VINTAGES 966663) which is $13.95 a try.


Moscato d'Asti
Michele Chiarlo Nivole

Fanny Bay – the pacific oyster staple from British Columbia has a number of clear characteristics: 'vegetal grassiness' on the finish, meatiness upfront and a mild brine profile in between. We opted for a wine pairing from that region --a west coast chardonnay-- CEDAR CREEK ESTATE 2008 CHARDONNAY VQA (VINTAGES 237974) with a hefy pricetag at $24.95 a bottle. If the LCBO markup is unpalatable then go for an old staple, BOUCHARD PERE & FILS PETIT CHABLIS (LCBO 51466) with a lesser markup at $19.95.

Fanny Bay
Cedar Creek Chardonnay


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